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e-ambulance is a robust web and mobile app to track and manage your fleet of ambulance accurately and efficiently.. Below given is the full list of the modules based on different roles. We constantly monitor the current industry trends and upgrade our software regularly.

Admin Panel Modules for admin usage

Secure Login
  • Email authantication
  • Forgot Password
Ambulance Setup
  • Ambulance Owner Profile
  • Vehicle Profile
  • Fix / per KM ambulance
  • Maintenance reports
  • Live GPS Tracking
Staff Setup
  • Doctor Profile
  • Driver Profile
  • Ambulance Team
  • Manage Attandance
Patient Managment
  • Registration
  • Manage Team
  • Route Management
  • Patient Discharge
  • Live Tracking
Store Management
  • Manage Stock
  • Inventory
  • Report
  • Salary Management
  • Expense Management
  • Patient Bill
  • Reports

Staff Panel Modules for staff usage

Secure Login
  • Email authantication
  • Forgot Password
  • Manage Current Patient
  • Manage Medicine Stock
  • Patient Discharge
  • Current Route GPS Tracking
  • Future Call
  • Manage Expense
  • Attandance

Driver Panel Modules for driver usage

Secure Login
  • Email authantication
  • Forgot Password
  • Current Patient
  • Route Details
  • Route GPS Tracking
  • Future Call List
Robust features

A host of features

Designed for the Cloud, to enable you to access your data anytime and anywhere.
256 bit secure encryption and 24 hour data backup.
Intuitive UI & Easy to Use functions
Advanced Collaborative Capabilities
State of the Art Inventory Management
Detailed Reporting at a click of a button
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